Tragedy in Roseburg

The unthinkable has happened again โ€“ this time, far too close to home. We mourn with Umpqua Community College, the people of Roseburg, all Oregonians and all Americans for the nine people who lost their lives at the hand of a disturbed loner and his personal arsenal.ย 

This horrific tragedy is an all-too familiar reminder of the reality of gun violence in communities across Oregon. Our state has seen too many mass shooting tragedies in recent years and suffered too many unnecessary gun deaths. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of the victims, their families, and the community of Roseburg.

Oregon earlier this year took an important step to stop gun violence, requiring a background check every time a gun is sold. But today is also a reminder that the struggle against gun violence continues. We stand committed to working with people from across Oregon to do all we can to stop these tragedies from continuing to occur across our state and the nation.