Tell Oregon Lawmakers: Domestic Abusers Shouldn't Have Access to Guns

Use this form to email your Representative and Senator in Salem to support Senate Bill 525, which will make it easier for Oregon law enforcement to remove a person's firearms in if that person is subject to a domestic violence restraining order that has been upheld after appear, or if the person has been convicted of a domestic violence-related misdemeanor (felons are already prohibited from owning guns).
Current law makes it too easy for domestic abusers to buy guns, and to hold on to them even after their partners have asked for help through the legal system. Here in Oregon, Nicolette Elias was killed by her abusive husband in November 2014, while he was the subject of a restraining and stalking order – and a judge had ordered him to relinquish his guns. Senate Bill 525 would expand the list of domestic abusers prohibited from owning guns, and make it much more straightforward for law enforcement to enforce court-ordered gun prohibitions.
Use the template below to send an email in support of Senate Bill 525. Customize the message with your personal story. 

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