Tell Oregon Lawmakers: Make Safe Gun Storage the Law

Children should not have access to loaded, unsecured guns. 

We protect our children from harming themselves with consumer products. Cribs, car seats, and toys must meet safety standards. Household chemicals and medications come with child-resistant packaging.  It is a crime to sell cigarettes or alcohol to minors, and Oregon law protects children from secondhand smoke in cars.

Between 2006 and 2010, 51 Oregon children died from gun violence. 

Oregon, unlike 28 other states and the District of Columbia, has no laws requiring safe storage of firearms when a child is present in the home. States with safe storage laws have lower rates of unintentional firearms deaths and lower rates of suicide among 14-17 year olds. It is time for Oregon to pass legislation creating criminal accountability for those who fail to safely store a gun. It will encourage responsible gun ownership and save lives. 

Use this form to send an email to your State Senator and State Representative, and tell them it's time for action on gun violence in Oregon. Our supporters in Salem regularly tell us that supporters of common-sense gun safety laws are out-called and out-emailed by 10-to-1 or more by gun rights advocates! It's time to speak up and make our voices heard – send an email now, and share with friends.

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