Nearly 4,000 Call on Governor Brown and Legislators to Take Action on Gun Violence

The Oregon Alliance for Gun Safety delivered today a petition signed by 3,882 individuals calling on Governor Kate Brown and Oregon Legislators to take action on gun violence. The Alliance is pursing three legislative priorities this year to reduce gun violence in Oregon.

“Oregon’s record of stepping up to pass gun safety proposals stands out on the national landscape. We have confidence that our elected leaders will listen to the people and take action on this public safety crisis,” said Jenn Lynch, Oregon Alliance for Gun Safety President. “We are gratified for the support of the dozens of Alliance organizational partners and thousands of individuals who are showing that the public is dedicated to stopping gun violence.”

The Oregon Alliance for Gun Safety is urging the 2017 Oregon Legislature to adopt the following legislation to prevent gun violence:

  • Establish an Extreme Risk Protective Order (SB 868). Give families and law enforcement the ability to petition the court to temporarily remove firearms from a person in crisis who is a danger to themselves or others.
  • Extend Domestic Violence Protections (SB 797). Oregon has strong protections to remove guns from domestic abusers, but a narrow definition of those relationships. We should expand the law to all types of domestic relationships.
  • Close the Charleston Loophole (SB 797). Require a completed background check before a dealer sells a gun, replacing current law that lets a dealer transfer the gun after three business days regardless of whether a check is complete.
  • Require Safe Storage of Guns Around Kids (SB 1026). Establish criminal liability if a person fails to safely store a firearm and a child gains unintended access to it.

“Gun violence remains a very real public health tragedy, with an Oregonian dying on average every day from gun violence,” said Elaine McKenzie, RN, MPH, board member of Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility. “Oregon’s health professionals see the consequences of gun violence in our emergency rooms, doctors’ offices, and community clinics. We urge our leaders to support these common-sense steps to make Oregon safer.”

The petition, hosted by Blue Oregon Action, was submitted to the office of Governor Brown and leaders in the Oregon Senate and House. The petition language reads:

To Governor Kate Brown & Oregon Legislators: 

It's time to enact laws this year to reduce the epidemic of gun violence in Oregon. Reducing gun violence matters to me and as our elected leaders I expect you to take action. Please lend your support to gun violence prevention in 2017.

“Oregon has been a progressive leader in standing up to the corporate gun lobby and their refusal to confront the gun violence epidemic in our state,” said Chris Wig, Chair of the Democratic Party of Lane County. “Lane County Democrats are proud to offer our support for common sense gun violence prevention and will be actively encouraging our local legislators to stand strong and protect Oregon families.”

Established in 2013, the Oregon Alliance for Gun Safety brings together national and local partners to establish a shared state agenda for gun violence. Partners include Ceasefire Oregon, Gun Owners for Responsible Ownership, Everytown for Gun Safety, Americans for Responsible Solutions, Moms Demand Action, and the Brady Campaign. the Oregon Parent-Teacher Association, Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon, the Oregon Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence, Oregon Medical Association, Oregon Law Center, and Unite Oregon. In all, over 100 partners work with the coalition.

“Oregon is at the forefront of efforts around the nation to prevent gun violence,” said Bill Langenes, head of the Brady Campaign Portland Chapter. “It is important that the 2017 Legislature continue this work by adopting a strong gun violence prevention package.”