Our 2017 Legislative Agenda

The Oregon Alliance's 2017 legislative agenda includes solutions that directly attack the leading causes of gun violence in Oregon: Firearm suicide; access to firearms by violent criminals and domestic abusers; and accidental deaths caused by children accessing firearms. We build this agenda in partnership with the leading national gun violence prevention organizations, as well as with our local coalition of more than 65 organizations committed to ending gun violence in Oregon. Each year, Oregon Alliance members prioritize the policies of most importance to their communities. 

Extreme Risk Protection Orders

In 2017, our coalition members expressed a strong desire for solutions that address Oregon's epidemic of firearms suicide head-on. The Extreme Risk Protection Order, a new policy tool that has been adopted by California, Washington, Connecticut and Indiana, is designed to tackle this epidemic head-on. Extreme Risk Protection Orders work to prevent suicide by providing options to families, law enforcement, health professionals and others when someone known to them is experiencing a crisis. Those in a suicidal crisis are much more likely to survive if they do not have easy access to firearms for the duration of the crisis. Research shows that people are more likely to die by suicide if they have easy access to firearms. Though this law is unlikely to prevent all suicides, ERPOs provide families an opportunity to reduce the risk of suicide for a family member who is in crisis and provide safer circumstances in which to seek treatment or engage other resources to address the underlying causes of the dangerous behaviors. Read more here >

Background Checks

In 2015, the Oregon Alliance helped pass the most important piece of gun violence prevention legislation in years: Background checks on the sale of every gun in Oregon, including those sold via "private" or person-to-person transactions. But this law still leaves a number of dangerous loopholes that help violent criminals and domestic abusers circumvent the system. Oregon Senate Bill 797 is designed to improve our background check system by closing the "Charleston Loophole" that allows gun dealers to transfer a gun if a background check isn't complete after three business days; Prohibiting gun possession by abusive dating partners and stalkers; and Enforcing the law against violent criminals who try to buy guns illegally. Read more here >

Child Access Prevention 

Having unlocked, loaded guns in the home puts children at risk. Yet Oregon has no clear standard that firearms should be safely stored when a child could be present in the home. It is time for Oregon to establish that requirement, just as 28 other states have already done. Child Access Prevention laws have been shown to reduce the risk of youth suicide and teen suicide, along with death rates from unintentional shootings. Every gun that ends up in the hands of a child first passes through the hands of an adult – and it's time to hold adults accountable when children and teens get unsupervised access to guns. Read more here >

Help shape our agenda

Alliance coalition members take an active role in shaping our legislative agenda before each session of the Oregon Legislature. If your organization wants us to help shape the dialog, please join the Alliance today.