Gov. Brown Signs Extreme Risk Protection Orders into Law

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown signed Senate Bill 719, Extreme Risk Protection Orders, into law in mid-September. The new law is January 1st, 2018. 

Starting that day, a family member or law enforcement officer can petition courts for an Emergency Risk Protection Order to temporarily prohibit a person’s possession of firearms. The petitioner must make a statement under oath demonstrating that the respondent poses a threat to themselves or to others. A judge will weigh the evidence, including any history of suicide threats, domestic violence or stalking, among other factors. If the judge finds clear and convincing evidence that the subject “presents a risk in the near future, including an imminent risk, of suicide or of causing physical injury to another person,” a temporary requirement to surrender all firearms, and a prohibition against new purchases, can be put in place for one year.

The Oregon Alliance for Gun Safety, along with our supporters in law enforcement, public health, suicide prevention, domestic violence prevention advocates, faith leaders and more, applauds this new law as an important step to combating Oregon's epidemic of firearm suicide.