In Honor of James Brady

James Brady and Bill Clinton

James Brady should be counted as an American hero. Through his hard work and the work of other like him, the sale of 2 million guns to criminals, domestic abusers, and dangerous individuals has been blocked. Although the struggle to prevent gun violence will continue, we will always owe Jim a debt of gratitude for his sacrifice and commitment to make our communities safer.

In Oregon, the Oregon Alliance to Prevent Gun Violence will carry on Mr. Brady's legacy in the coming year to save lives by implementing some simple, common sense actions that have proven to reduce gun violence. The OAPGV asks Oregonians to pledge to vote for representatives that demonstrate leadership in reducing gun violence in Oregon – including our schools. A legislative day of action is planned for Sept 16 at 9:00 AM in Salem, OR, and additional actions are planned for the 2015 legislative session.