Nearly 4,000 Call on Governor Brown and Legislators to Take Action on Gun Violence

The Oregon Alliance for Gun Safety delivered today a petition signed by 3,882 individuals calling on Governor Kate Brown and Oregon Legislators to take action on gun violence. The Alliance is pursing three legislative priorities this year to reduce gun violence in Oregon. Continue reading

Oregon Alliance for Gun Safety Commends Governor Kate Brown’s Agenda to Stop Gun Violence

Oregon Alliance for Gun Safety President Jenn Lynch released the following statement today in response to Governor Kate Brown’s Oregon agenda to reduce gun violence: "Gun violence is a daily tragedy here in Oregon, taking lives and causing irreparable harm to the community. Today’s announcement by Governor Brown is an important milestone in reducing gun violence, underscoring the shared commitment by our political leaders to not let this state sit passively by while our residents die in senseless violence." Continue reading

Tragedy in Roseburg

The unthinkable has happened again – this time, far too close to home. We mourn with Umpqua Community College, the people of Roseburg, all Oregonians and all Americans for the nine people who lost their lives at the hand of a disturbed loner and his personal arsenal.  Continue reading

Editorial boards across Oregon agree that Senate Bill 941 should pass

87% of Oregonians support background checks and editorial boards across the state agree. Newspapers across Oregon are coming out in vocal support of SB 941 – a background check on the sale of every gun. To these editorial teams, the benefits of closing the "private sale" loophole far outweigh the inconvenience of background checks for firearms transfers between friends. Read on for a sample of their reasoning: Continue reading