Our partners at Americans for Responsible Solutions set out to once again take the pulse of Oregonians on background checks, an issue that has received consistent attention from Oregon lawmakers since the tragedy at Clackamas Town Center in late 2012. What they found might surprise you.

The poll, taken by phone between January 12 and 15, 2015, was conducted by Benenson Strategy Group on behalf of Americans for Responsible Solutions. The firm spoke with 1000 respondents, who were all registered voters in Oregon who are likely to vote in the 2016 presidential election. Per the polling firm's memo on the result of the poll, "the sample included an oversample of gun households to ensure adequate representation within the survey."

The results?ย 

  • 87% of voters support background checks on all gun purchases,

  • 70% of those voters strongly support expanded background checks,

  • 83% of gun owners in Oregon support background checks, and

  • 59% of those gun owners strongly support expanded background checks.

These numbers are consistent with findings by Public Policy Polling in January 2014, which showed 78% support for expanded background checks, as well as findings by Elway Research in January 2013, which showed 81% support for expanded background checks.

Shall we wait until the same poll shows the support of nearly 80% of Oregonians in 2016? Or shall we take action now? If you agree that now's the time to act, let your representatives in Salem know.